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Wedding Floral Arrangements on Maui and Lanai!

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Photography by Joanna Tano

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New Gallery - September 25th Wedding

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Photography by Nate and Jenna

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Anny Heid’s floral designs have been enhancing the décor of events in the Hawaiian Islands for over 15 years.  Inspired by the serene beauty of her surroundings her creativity and expertise are surpassed by no other. Providing a personal one-on-one consultation for each event, she will create custom designs for her clients with the warmest spirit of aloha.

With an extensive collection of design materials at her fingertips, customizing the individual look of each event is Anny’s specialty.  By including elements that may evoke a sense of the particular season when the event takes place, or theatrical elements such as feathers or jewels, each flora design exudes spontaneity and sensuality.

Exquisite color and unique form are trademarks of Anny’s design philosophy.  From simplicity of a single type of flower in an arrangement to an elaborate combination of exotic florals, the possibilities are endless.  Anny offers customized, personalized service...

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