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Welcome to Anny Heid Flowers, Hawaii!

Wedding Floral Arrangements on Maui and Lanai!

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Photography by Joanna Tano

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New Gallery - September 25th Wedding

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Photography by Nate and Jenna

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We know that your BIG moment is important

Let us make the memory a perfect one...

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We can get creative and aim to impress!

We can keep it simple or make it outrageous, it's up to you!

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I have worked with our web designers over at Koa Consulting on the Big Island to come up with a fresh new design for  The goal here is of course to have it looking awesome and to enable ME to make updates to the site more frequently.  I know there is the need to satisfy the throngs of people out there that want to hear more about what is going on here in Hawaii.  Here is a list of just a few of the many new features I am proud to be capable of:

  • Integrated Blog - keep on top of my latest events, news, and more! 
  • Image Slideshow - I will be featuring special events and clients
  • Facebook module - see what recent interaction I've been a part of on my favorite social networking site
  • Portfolio Update - I have a much better organized portfolio so you can browse the extensive gallery of past weddings, events, magazines, and more!

I am always eager to get feedback from YOU my friends and clients, so please contact me and give me some feedback about what you think of these changes.  Mahalo!  Anny